Level II: 2 Days In Artificial Intelligence Course

Course Overview

Understanding artificial intelligence from a leader’s perspective is crucial to identify and quantify opportunities to create competitive advantage and radically change how your business operates.

This course is supported by several case studies that will help leaders think of how AI can be a true enabler for their business in the new era.

Who Should Attend

Executive Leaders

What Will You Learn

  • Is there a risk to implementing AI?
  • How do I evaluate AI initiatives and the impact they could have on my business?
  • Who should be responsible for AI projects?
  • What kind of training or skills do people need for successful AI projects?
  • Is AI just a part of our transformation or is it a separate entity?
  • What do I need to know about data, training and algorithms as a non-technician?

Course Outlines

Inspiration & Insights

  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • A simple way of understanding machine learning vs deep learning
  • Case Study - Building an Agile business - A requirement if AI is to be effective
  • Case Study - Building an AI Powered Business
  • Case Study - What is outside-in versus inside-out based analysis?
  • Case Study - What is data driven decision making?

AI - Innovation With A Purpose

  • What is Open, Closed and Collaborative innovation?
  • What industries could your business unit collaborate with?
  • What are new and emerging innovative business models?
  • Case-study of collaborative innovation
  • How would collaborative innovation work for you?
  • Practical - Build a digital business strategic roadmap using the 7 Principles of Digital

From Data Science to Business Value

  • A executives starter guide to data science:
    • Probability - The measure of the likelihood that an event will occur
    • Inference - Probability distributions overlap
    • Regression - Estimating the relationships among variables
    • Data wrangling - Making data more appropriate and valuable
    • Data visualisation - Making data usable
  • Practical - Data science basics for business executives
  • The practical use of analytics
  • Outcome based objectives and data driven pivot points
  • Linking data with strategic plans.

Creating Commercial Outcomes

  • How to sell the business value of any new technology initiative
  • Reducing risk by building experiments to overcome ‘leap-of-faith assumptions’
  • The technology and manpower costs - Selecting the right AI platform and associated technology + building expert teams
  • Create a digital transformation roadmap leveraging AI and other emerging technologies.