Level III: 2 Days In Artificial Intelligence Course

Course Overview

Two days of practical workshops in group setting to enable business leaders extract business value from Artificial Intelligence, find new opportunities to improve business, and experiment how AI can be used in new, innovative ways.

Who Should Attend

Executive Leaders

What Will You Learn

  • How do we leverage AI and emerging technologies to create competitive advantage?
  • What is a 'digital leader'?
  • How do I create a culture of innovation?
  • How do we improve our customer experience and what impact might it make?
  • How do I know if I have the data for AI to be beneficial to me?

Course Outlines

An Executive’s Guide to Code

  • AI platforms explored
  • APIs examined
  • How business silos kill the flow of oil/data
  • Practical - Experience Python code. Self-improving AI for a range of purposes. This is for the non-technical executive - it’s not as difficult as you might think!

An Executives Guide to Rapid Prototyping

  • From Leap of Faith Assumptions to experimental evidence
  • Practical - SPRINT: Rapid prototyping leveraging AI and other emerging technologies.

Building Your Own AI

  • Case study of how Google reduced their own power usage using AI
  • Build your own AI (part 1): Create an AI game that learns as you play. This is done through the use of code templates and easy steps for executives to follow
  • Build your own AI (part 2): Build the brain of a self-driving car. This is done through the use of code templates and easy steps for executives to follow.

Next Steps, Certification and Close

  • Finish off experiments
  • Get individuals to create their own action list