Level III: 2 Days In Digital Transformation Course

Course Overview

Get the hands on experience on using the framework to draw a transformation road-map for your business.

Practice the innovation processes and techniques that will enable your business transformation smoothly.

Through a series of practical workshops, you will brainstorm, discuss, and conclude the best ideas and plans for your business transformation.

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders
  • Marketing/Communications leaders
  • Technology leaders
  • R&D / Innovation professionals
  • HR leaders

What Will You Learn

  • How do we leverage AI and emerging technologies to create competitive advantage?
  • What is a 'digital leader'?
  • How do I create a culture of innovation?
  • How do we improve our customer experience and what impact might it make?

Course Outlines

  • Innovation workshop customised for your industry
  • Experimentation with attention channels and what the data can tell us
  • Agile concept experimentation
  • A practical workshop on creating and testing new value propositions on new clients
  • Agreeing on next steps and action plans