• Senior Managers
  • The Digital Transformation
  • Team IT
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Management Office

Type of Work

  • Consulting
  • Carried out on-premise or remote
  • Requires interviews
  • Technology review
  • Communications review
  • Capacity review
  • Review of data silos

Change Blocks of Digital Transformation:

The time it takes to complete the diagnosis varies depending on the complexity and scale of the business.

5 Change Blocks of Digital Transformation Check List of Key Functions That Must Be Address In Digital Transformation Strategy

The most important phase of any Digital transformation is Diagnosis. In this phase of discovery, we measure where the business is in the digital economy, the available capabilities, and resources. We gain a firm orientation of where we are now before we select the battles we need to win in the future.

The process requires examination of the digital footprint of the business, competitors, and customer behaviors.

Every good journey starts with a well-managed basecamp. Knowing where we are now is half the battle when defining where we’d like to go.

Inside Out - Outside In Measuring Digital Maturity Against Time

The most successful Digital transformations are data-powered. There have a clear start point, destination, and way of measuring the journey in-between.

Inside Out/Outside In is a detailed framework that allows us to measure along two vectors. Internal systems performance and external customer satisfaction.

Both the internal operational efficiency and external value organization will offer the citizens/customers as a result of its transformation will have expected challenges that will require leadership, tough decision, and risk. This framework helps everyone understand what to expect and how to deal with it.

Data-Driven Strategy Delivery Readiness

Designing a strategy is one thing but having a clear way to measure if we have the right technical and human resources to deliver it is another.

In this process, we sample key metrics from across the business on two axis. Human and technical. We coordinate with the Project Management Office to make sure the digital transformation strategy has the best chance of succeeding in being implemented.

This framework is a great way of foreseeing roadblocks before they happen.

Data-Driven Strategy Delivery Readiness

The Yesser Framework guides government best practice when it comes to digital transformation.

To achieve many of the goals set out in the Yesser Framework requires a unique insight into how innovation, integration, excellence, and improvement all tie together.

In the strategy we provide, we mark out how we can take opportunities to achieve outcomes set out in the Yesser framework.

Propulsion Intelligence Report propulsion.ionology.com

Measuring The As-Is State

Propulsion looks at the digital footprint of your organization and compares it with other organizations around the world.

We look for indications of innovation and better service of the citizen. These scores are similar to the Yesser framework but they are real-time and change with every impact we create in the market.

This is not a measurement of marketing rather a measurement of how the citizen and industry talk about us. When it comes to Digital Transformation, innovators win.